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Al's Racquet Stringing

Yonex Tennis Shoes

YONEX footwear uses the most advanced materials and technology to ensure absolute protection for your feet during play.

Exclusive YONEX materials absorb and reverse impact energy for smooth and dynamic transfer into the next movement, as well as protecting your body and reducing fatigue.

By adding a special elastic resin to POWER CUSHION, while maintaining the conventional lightweight properties, high shock absorption is realized. Grooves designed in a lattice pattern, with optimum spacing and depth, achieve further resilience.

Compared with conventional POWER CUSHION, the new POWER CUSHION + boasts 25% more shock absorption and 12% more repulsion.

That's why some of the world's top players are
proud to play with YONEX footwear.

Mens Sonicage orange
Retail $160 Our $129
Ladies Fushion rev 2
Retail $160 Our $129
Mens Eclipsion 2 black
Retail $190 Our $159
Ladies Eclipsion white
Retail $190 Our $159

For other models that may be available please visit www.yonex.com or contact us