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Salming Running

Available by special order only. 3 days to dealer.

Distance D5 mens
Retail $165
Enroute mens
Retail $185
Trail 5 men
Retail $159
Speed 6 mens
Retail $159

The Salming Distance D5 brings the kind of performance that makes mile after mile a pleasurable experience. With great durability and a 5mm heel to toe drop, this shoe is designed to help you overcome both long distances and hard surfaces. The traditional two-layer waffle mesh upper of the Distance D5 provides a plush feel, and the RunLite midsole adds responsiveness and protection while still maintaining a low weight. Improved compound in the outsole is 3 times more durable than before.

The development process of the EnRoute has been based on Salmings Natural Running Support System™ which facilitates for every runner to find and stay in their natural running stride. We’ve been aiming for an icon - a Salming Running shoe that would stand the test of time, a shoe that you could run in no matter what foot strike or running form.The upper has been designed to merge with the above mentioned support and stability properties, creating one solid responsive and supportive unit.  The fully integrated ExoSkeleton™ is a part of the lacing construction and keeps the foot in place. The tongue has a gusset design which is a part of the 3 layer upper construction that consists of the big soft air mesh next to the foot, the 2nd layer being the ExoSkeleton™ and to seal it all off - the thin net mesh.

The Trail 5 incorporates Salming Natural Support System that consists of three main areas - the Torsion Guidance System (TGS62/75), the Wrap-Around-Design construction, the Recoil and Recoil R cushioning properties and last but not least - the Trail 5 features a co-lab with Vibram using Vibram Megagrip compound with an exclusively designed outsole for unparalleled grip on dry and wet slippery surfaces.

The development process of the Speed6 has been based on a light version of Salming’s Natural Running Support SystemTM, which facilitates for every runner to find and stay in their natural running stride. We’ve been aiming for the initiated runners that loved the Speed3 to recognize the lightness and responsiveness but also appreciate the new developments and technologies put into the Speed6. 62/75 technology assures that the shoe bends in exactly the right places

Distance D5 women
Retail $165
Enroute women
Retail $185
Trail 5 women
Retail $159
Speed 6 women
Retail $159