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Al's Racquet Stringing

Gearbox Pickleball
Eight Pro
Retail $179.95
Seven Pro
Retail $179.95

The all-new Original Pro Collection is the next generation of the Original SEVEN and EIGHT models released in 2015. This all-new PRO collection offers the highly loved technologies of the first release but now also includes new advanced technologies released by Gearbox.
This new PRO model features an edgeless Teardrop shape. The Teardrop shape gives this paddle quickness, superb maneuverability, and control. New to the line is Gearbox’s latest technologies including a Softer Sound, Softer Feel and Hyper Bite Spin Technology, for that extra edge against your opponent. The paddle handle feels natural in the hand with a very comfortable grip shape.
The Original PRO Collection is excellent for all levels of play.

Retail $164.95
Retail $159.95

The G11 is one of the most technologically advanced paddles available today. It features Gearbox’s Patent Pending Solid Span Technology. The G11 is crafted using hand laid, advanced composite materials giving it excellent durability and quality. The G11 provides a soft feel for touch shots at the kitchen while giving plenty of pop when needed for an overhead slam, poach, or shots from the baseline. Its durable edgeless frame provides an extra large “sweet spot” improving shot accuracy. Gearbox continues to innovate with its new GX5 Collection. For those seeking exceptional durability and outstanding play. The GX5 features a Quadraform shaped head to give you precise control. It also includes patent pending Solid Span Technology, giving this paddle Optimal Power, a Softer Feel, a Softer Sound, a Durable Edgeless Rim and a Massive Sweet Spot. For extra spin on the ball, the GX5 includes All-New Hyper-Bite Spin Technology! The GX5 will definitely set you apart from the competition. Its loved and used by both top pickleball professionals and novice players alike.

For more info and paddles from the manufacturer contact www.gearboxsports.com